Generating Website Traffic – A DIY Guide

I have created my website, now I will start generating lots of enquiries – right?

WRONG – A website is a little like putting up a billboard in the wilderness.  Some people might stumble upon it by accident but you need to put time and effort into promoting it and getting found.  Here I will give you some ways to dramatically increase the traffic to your website without paying big $$$ for search engine optimisation (SEO).

First, you need a decent website, ideally with a .au domain that is more than just an online brochure. It must give people a reason to call you above everyone else.  Ensure you install a web traffic measurement tool like Google analytics.  Promote your website on your business signage, paperwork, business cards and other marketing materials.

To get found on search engines, you need to make sure your website title and pages have the relevant words (search terms) included so that when the search engines crawl your site, they can easily classify it.  Remember, search engines cannot read images, only the text of your website. Update your website content regularly and search engines will rank it more highly.

If you’re impatient, the next step is to submit your website to get found by the 3 largest search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing – I have included the links to where you can suggest your site to their engines – or you can just wait to get found. Don’t waste your money paying for a submission to hundreds of search engines, most of these are not worth being listed on.  It’s better to be listed on a few, high quality search enginers.

Register your business and website on Google Places selecting the relevant business categories and adding photos and getting some clients to review your business.  One of my clients got almost 150 additional visitors to his website the first month he added his Google places listing.

The next step is to put some time and effort to get links to your site from other (top 100 ranked) or your local community based Australian websites.  (more links = better Google pagerank)  Some of the top ranked sites for traffic are well worth ensuring you have a business listing or presence on.  e.g. Facebook, Linked In, WordPress, Youtube and if you are in retail, eBay or Gumtree

Next, pretend to be a customer and search Google and Yahoo for your business search terms and see what you can learn from the top ranked businesses and their strategies for coming top of the pile.  Look for web directories that are highly ranked in the categories you want to be found in.
eg. Searching Google for “Find a builder in Sydney”, one of the top results is homebuilders which is worth checking to see if you have an up to date listing and if not, how you can get a listing.

Lastly, consider updating or creating a free or (if you can afford it and see the benefit) paid website listing on Australia’s top business directory search engines.

My top 5 would be:

If you want to find out how many pages google has indexed for your business, use the search command on Google  To find out how many backlinks or other websites link to yours, search for “”.

Here’s the list of my top 35 Australian Online Internet Business Directories

Directory Page Rank Score/10 Featured from Notes
YellowPages 8 $$$$ Australia’s largest business directory in print.  Online advertising can work well but not cheap.
Web Wombat 7 $137.50 Australia’s most mature search engine. No free listings, they use their own spiders to find and classify your site but good traffic site
True Local 7 $900 pa One of the best. First listing free.  This is also Yahoo 7 Local
Gumtree 7 $5 per listing Free Online Classifieds
Search Zone 6 $99 pa Part of Melbourne IT.  No Free listings
Hot Frog 6 Another one of the best. Can generate good business for you.
dlook 6 $600pa Large and professional business directory
StartLocal 5 $200pa Worth checking out.  Only for businesses with a physical address 5 $199 pa Australian Business Directory.  Free listing if you wait.
Health Directory 5 $66 For health and medical industry.
Enterprise Search 5 $199 Looks quite professional
Come On Aussie 5 Australian website directory
Australian Findouter 5 Free listing conditional on you having good website content
AussieWeb 5 Newish
Local Business Guide 5 $99 pa New and professional
Web Directory Australia 4 Established in 2005, human edited, 3000 websites
Web Directory 4 $40 Free with reciprocal listing after 4-6month wait.  $5 for immediate listing 4 Free business listing directory
Oz E-Biz 4 $10 pa No free listings but decent rank and traffic
Laton 4 Free business directory
km Web Directory 4 $20 Very basic.
HomeOne 4 $330 pa For sites or services related to building or home improvement.  Worth considering if you are in the trade based businesses. 4 $199 Part of fairfax media
Australian Web Directory 4 $20 for review You can suggest your site but no guarantee of inclusion. Human reviewed listings,pay $20 to increase probability of getting a lsiting.
Aussie Now 4 $250 pa No free listings but decent rank and traffic
PinkPages 3 Advertising mainly focussed on selling into hard copy directory but good web listing traffic.  Listed on
Finding Australia 3 $7 Network of sites including and
Down Under Index 3 $20 pa Australian website index
Australia Online Advertising 3 $14 Check it out, seems ok.
Aussie Directory 3 $16 pa Free listing if you give a reciprocal link, $10 if no link.
Web Directory Australia 2 $30 No free listings but decent rank and traffic
Ultra Directory 2 Newish
Bizclickers 2 $60 Looks like it uses Web Directory Australia as the search engine 2 $10 Basic
Slinky Directory 0 $20 No free listings. $20 to get a listing


If you like this strategy and are interested in other strategies to grow or enhance your business, call us today for an obligation free discussion.

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