Planning for Success

If your footie team didn’t have one, they’d always be “wooden spooners”.  You wouldn’t go on holiday without having one and you’d never have friends round for a barbie without one.  What are we talking about?  A plan, of course!

Yet amazingly, when it comes to money, most people don’t have a plan. They make excuses like being too busy or not earning enough yet.  Or it’s too hard and they don’t know where to start.  No one plans to fail but by not having a plan, many do just that. Managing money is not that hard but most people have never been shown how to do it properly.

The truth of instant wealth
Unfortunately, there is no magic way to instant wealth.  When you’re filling in the squares of the lottery form, spare a thought for the odds of winning first division of the Saturday night Gold Lotto – about 678,000 to 1!  And in many cases, even when you win the big prize, if you don’t have a plan or the knowledge of how to manage the money, it will simply slip through your fingers.  By first learning to accumulate wealth you will be able to live the life you want and achieve your goals.

Just do it!
The secret to success is to make a start.  It doesn’t matter that the plan is incomplete or not perfect.  There are proven techniques that can make you wealthy over time.  You just need to apply these methods in a disciplined way and stick to a plan over time.

The secrets are simple:

  • To spend less than you earn.
  • To reduce personal debt.
  • To save regularly.
  • To invest in assets that will produce tax-effective income as well as growth.
  • To have a strategy to reduce your tax.

Applied properly these strategies will help you grow your wealth even faster.

Being in control
In the fast paced world we live in, it’s easy to think we are swept along and there isn’t much we can do to influence where we end up.  Of course, that’s not true and most of us will know people who were “lucky” and achieved their dreams.  But was it really luck?

Successful people often set goals for themselves and have a plan to achieve them.  The plan might not be foolproof, but they adapt it as they go along to give themselves the best chance of succeeding.

Like having a personal fitness coach, a skilled adviser can work with you to create a plan, monitor it and help make it work for you.  Let us help you plan for a successful future.


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