Our Boutique Wealth Management Program for Medical Professionals Offers:

  • Fee-for-service financial advice to ensure you receive unbiased advice in your best interests
  • A ‘One Lens’ approach that saves you time and money; with 6 divisions and 37 services we provide you with seamless financial solutions
  • As your ‘family office’, we take care of all your investments including property management, day-to-day accounting, payroll and even bill payments
  • Asset and personal protection
  • Dedicated Account Managers

We have developed smart and innovative strategies to meet the needs of doctors and dentists, freeing you to focus on your work knowing your financial affairs are in order, your tax liabilities are minimised and your money is being actively managed to grow your wealth and secure your financial future.

The Fusion Group’s Services for Medical Practitioners

Medical Accounting

We’re experts in the accounting requirements of medical professionals and their practices. We ease the burden of running your business so you can concentrate on what really matters.

Wealth management

As high income earners, medical professionals stand to benefit greatly from expert financial advice. We help you set and meet your financial goals for present and future prosperity.

Business structure and strategy

We help new and existing practices to structure their business for optimal growth and stability. Our experience takes away the guesswork to ensure your practice is robust and profitable.

Self managed super funds

Self-managed superannuation is one of the most effective wealth creation vehicles for high income earners. We’re SMSF experts and will design a fund to suit your exact needs and goals.

Tax minimisation

As specialists in the medical profession we’re up to date with the latest tax rulings to ensure full compliance and the best possible taxation outcome for you and your practice.

Insurance and risk management

Specialised medical insurance knowledge is needed to ensure you are not exposed to risk. Our comprehensive insurance services ensure you have complete peace of mind.

Find Out More

To find out more about how an Individually Managed Account can benefit you, make an appointment for a complimentary consultation at our offices in Norwest Business Park in the Hills district of Sydney.


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While the sender may appear to be The Fusion Group, we want to confirm that this is not the case. The email includes a virus in the form of a Word document, claiming to be an invoice from Fusion. In the event that you receive an email that fits this description, close the message immediately and report it as spam.

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